Phone Banking with Edinburgh Yes to Fairer Votes

Edinburgh Yes to  Fairer Votes are pleased to announce that our permanent phone bank is open and our new phone banking manager, the excellent Gregor Scotland, is in post.

Phone banking will be at

Thorley Stevenson Office


The Cowgate,



It’s very near  The 3 Sisters pub.

Phone Banking will operate on Monday to Thursday from 5pm to 9pm and at other times by appointment.  If you would like to take part please contact Gregor on

07557 035546.

Phone Banking is a fun and effective way to contact voters and talk to them about the benefits of the Alternative Vote voting system. Some of our activists, William, Danny and Tony give us their views on how phone banking works and you can watch these instructional videos too.

Tony Joins the Yes to the Alternative Vote Mega-Phone Bank

Willie Sullivan explains how phone banking helps the campaign

whilst Tony Robinson gives us his masterclass on making Yes to Alternative Vote calls


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