What? No Apple Pie? The Alternative Vote Referendum Ballot in Full

Whilst manning our street stall in Leith we were approached for the first time by someone who thought that if they voted Yes to the Alternative Vote voting system in the referendum on the 5th May they would never get full proportional representation.

I’ve also had people mention Scottish Independence and a referendum on the EU. All worthy things to have a national debate about. All important constitutional questions that require an answer.

So, it’s worth having a look a the Referendum Ballot Paper in Full.



Um, where’s my option for voting for Scottish Independence or for remaining in the EU? Where’s the box I tick if I’d like a million dollars and a monkey?

This is the ballot paper I’d like to see.

THE REFERENDUM BALLOT IN FULL- The version you don’t get

THE REFERENDUM BALLOT IN FULL- Not the version you are getting

What do you mean I don’t get it? You’re telling me it’s a straight Yes or No choice between the Alternative vote with all its advantages and First Past the Post and it’s many flaws and reasons for not retaining it.

Just a Yes or a No on one simple question.

Hang on though, what happens if I write on the ballot paper what I actually want most of all? I’ll have a pen and I’ll be there anywhere. What happens then?

My ballot is considered spoilt and isn’t counted.

What? What? Not even counted. Surely someone looks at all the spoilt ballot papers to see what we really wanted. They don’t? They just shred the spoilt ballot paper?

It turns out that if I write in what I’d really, really want my ballot is wasted and I might as well have stayed at home. Downer.

Ah well, I’d better work out if I think the Alternative Vote is better than First Past the Post.

About fairervotesedinburgh

The unofficial blog for the Yes to Fairer Votes Campaign in Edinburgh. All views expressed are our own and do not necessisarily represent the views of the official Yes to Fairer Votes organisation
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4 Responses to What? No Apple Pie? The Alternative Vote Referendum Ballot in Full

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  2. MorningTory says:

    Is this intedned to pass for humour?

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