Edinburgh Says Yes – In All Her Rainbow Colours But Mainly Purple

Whilst Flyering the Faithful on the road to Murrayfield we had just two people tell us they were going to vote No and their reasons for doing so were interesting. The other can be found here.  This post is mainly a response to being told that Yes to Fairer Votes is a front for the Liberal Democrats.
We’re not.
We’re just not.
Yes to Fairer Votes is a non-partisan, cross-party and no party coalition of volunteers and activists who want to change the way we elect Members of Parliament and therefore change the way politics happen in the UK.

We want MP’s who work harder for voters and not for their Parties, we think as many voters as possible should be given a say in the final decision on which candidate is elect to Parliament and we think that safe seats mean jobs for life and jobs for life mean that politicians do not respect the sacred duty of trust that we, the people, have placed on them with our votes.

Yes to Fairer Votes wears a coat of many colours, like Joseph, or if you’re a classical man like me, we are like Iris, a rainbow of opinions.
I think Iris is a good patron for the campaign. A multi-coloured communicator whose job was to link the Gods (MP’s) to the People.
So for the record here are the approximate party affiliations of the Edinburgh Yes to Fairer Votes group. Based on self-reporting and my recollection of conversations.  Party affiliation is not a big issue for us so I’ve not undertaken a census.

We’ve had about 40 people join us for some aspect of campaigning.
I have met
-Two Greens.
-Two members of the Labour Party.
-Two former members of the Labour Party.
-One Pirate Party
-One Scottish Nationalist
-Two Liberal Democrats.
I make that ten declared party affiliations out of about 40.
The rest are unaffiliated. Or haven’t told me. Or I was too busy counting flyers to hear properly. To be honest I don’t care. They can be sky-blue pink with a side order of fries so long as their hearts are purple and they know which end of a leaflet to hold.
The variety makes for interesting discussions and I’m learning a lot about what people want from politics and why they care enough to come and stand out in the cold talking to people about Fairer Votes. The variety is a great source of strength to the campaign.  When you want to talk to the whole nation about how we elect Members of Parliament to serve us it helps if you have at least one person who thinks about things and talks about things the way they do.
For some this is the first time they have been interested in politics. For others they have been involved in single issue campaigning before. A couple have been campaigning for electoral reform for their whole lives. Since before the creation of the Liberal Democrats. The Electoral Reform Society was founding 1884. The Liberal Democrats, more than 100 years later in 1988.
As one Liberal Democrat pointed out to me, Electoral Reform does not exist to help the Liberal Democrats, the Liberal Democrats exist to help electoral reform.

About fairervotesedinburgh

The unofficial blog for the Yes to Fairer Votes Campaign in Edinburgh. All views expressed are our own and do not necessisarily represent the views of the official Yes to Fairer Votes organisation
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3 Responses to Edinburgh Says Yes – In All Her Rainbow Colours But Mainly Purple

  1. You can get a feel for the rainbow nature of the Yes to Fairer Votes, Yes to the Alternative vote campaign by looking at this excellent diagram from the Birmingham campaign website


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  3. I’m pleased to say that the this article has been included in the first edition of the Alternative Vote Review.

    If you have any more articles on the Alternative Vote Referendum that you’d like us to include in future reviews please nominate them.


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