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Citizens Rejoice As Voting Reform Bill Given Royal Assent

So the bill for a referendum on voting reform has been given the Royal Assent and is now an Act. I’m very excited. Here in Edinburgh we’ve been working away for months building a campaign team and building our ability to … Continue reading

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Edinburgh Says Yes – In All Her Rainbow Colours But Mainly Purple

Whilst Flyering the Faithful on the road to Murrayfield we had just two people tell us they were going to vote No and their reasons for doing so were interesting. The other can be found here.  This post is mainly … Continue reading

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A Calculated Insult to the People of Scotland

Whilst flyering on the road to Murrayfield we had one lady stop and tell us she was going to spoil her ballot paper as a protest because she felt the referendum should not be held on the same day as … Continue reading

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Flyering the Faithful

On Saturday, 60,000 people gathered in Murrayfield to be told about the benefits of changing our electoral system from First Past the Post to the Alternative Vote.  I’m told some of them went on later to watch a rugby game.

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Falling in Love – With Grassroots Campaigning – A Guest Post from an Edinburgh Volunteer

Seven reasons why I’m falling in love with grassroots campaigning A little while ago, as attentive readers (and I know we have some!) might recall, I was chatting to my co-convener, who also edits the  fairervotesedinburgh blog, about how I … Continue reading

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Not Just Fair Weather Fighters – Street Stalling in Edinburgh.

We’ve been street stalling in Edinburgh for months now and I think we’ve just about worked out what we’re doing. I like street stalling.  I like talking to voters. I like voters talking to me.

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Shades of ’79 – “If less than 40% of the electorate vote in the referendum, the result shall not be binding”

Lord Rooker, a former Labour Minister, has had an amendment to the AV referendum bill passed in the Lords. The amendment states that if the turn out in the referendum is less than 40% the referendum result should not be … Continue reading

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